SaaS Growth through Customer Success

Build customer operations that scale to deliver reliable customer success and revenue growth.


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Let Customer Success fuel your revenue growth engine

Drive add-on sales

Expand sales within the customer base to achieve negative net churn.

Increase referrals

Let customers tell your story to drive brand awareness and lead generation.

Retain revenue

Build data-driven strategies to drive user adoption and customer retention.


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Check out our areas of expertise.

Discovery Quick-start

A full-day health check during which we'll walk through your customer lifecycle to identify opportunities to increase reliability of post-sale customer engagement and operations that lead to growth and scalability. 

Retained Leadership

Ongoing customer success leadership, execution and advisement to drive strategic projects, resolve problem areas, mentor leaders, train frontline staff, and provide interim management / oversight.

Strategic Projects

We'll provide laser-focused management of process changes, customer systems implementations, and customer success optimizations that bring strategic value to your business. 

Areas of Expertise

Customer Success

Sales transition

Customer onboarding

User adoption & engagement

Customer health scoring

Customer segmentation

Revenue Operations

Revenue retention & expansion

Renewal program

Upsell & cross sell strategy

Win/loss analysis

Time to go-live optimization

Customer Experience

User education

Customer feedback management

Product strategy 


User support

Team Development

Role definition

Responsibilities alignment




Sales engineering (demo)

Implementation scoping

Enterprise sales & contracting

Sales alignment

What our clients say

"We utilized Customer Imperative for guidance around our customer success efforts at Quantifize. As a result we achieved 100% annual growth and successfully exited the business in 2016. Jay has the tools and experience for every customer success challenge you will face as you grow."

Adam O'Donnell, Founder & CEO, Quantifize

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